in Lynn Lake Manitoba Canada

When entering town turn right onto Camp Street, go to the end of Camp Street.  The hospital is on the right, we are on the left (corner of Gordon/Camp).

PR 391 is paved between Thompson and Nelson House junction as well as between Suwanee River and Lynn Lake.  The stretch of highway between Nelson House junction and Suwanee River is gravel/dirt.

Government of Manitoba:
advice for travelers driving on northern roads.
  Highway information dial 511 or 1-877-627-6237 prior to leaving Thompson.

There is no cellphone service along Provincial Road 391.  (There is limited service in areas between Thompson to Nelson House junction.)   

A  water boil advisory is in effect in the Town of Lynn Lake.  You are encouraged to purchase bottled water prior to leaving Thompson. Bottled/filtered water is available for purchase in Lynn Lake based on availability.  Also, FYI, propane is now available at the local Esso store in Lynn Lake. 

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Information on traveling in the north on "Tom Cochrane's Life is a Highway 391"...

Call for Reservation: +1.800.746.1726

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Fuel up in Thompson prior to your trip.  The Town of Leaf Rapids may not be open for fueling depending on when you are traveling. The Town of Lynn Lake offers both 24 hour credit card service and regular business hours cash service for fueling.